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Our Cheltenham based studio is located in the heart of Montpellier; the most attractive and fashionable area of Cheltenham.


We have 6 world class resident artists specialising in all forms of tattooing, plus regular international award winning guest artists every month.


We accept payment via cash, bank transfer, apple pay, credit/debit card and Klarna.


Not your average Tattoo Studio...

Tokyotattoo® Studios is one of the UK’s finest tattoo destinations, established in 2012, an independent multi-award winning tattoo studio, a visual style that transcends the clichés of the tattoo industry, building a reputation for an unparalleled experience & outstanding artists – ultra stylish, super hygienic, an avant-garde creative space with a welcoming and friendly team.

Opening Hours


Get in touch


You are able to contact us on the good old-fashioned telephone or alternatively through email, social media, WhatsApp or simply coming down to the studio.

Skincare Products

Looking After your Tattoo

To help with looking after your tattoo, please see the leaflet below that you can print out and keep.

At Tokyotattoo Studios we recommend TATTOO SPRAY & BalmTattoo products.


Tattoo cream with a high content of Panthenol (5%) and Sepitonic M3, especially suited to care for and protect the skin after the tattoo.


Balm Tattoo Vegan, (without animal ingredients). Indicated to care and protect healthy skin after tattooing more naturally.


Balm tattoo 70+, not only moisturises and promotes skin regeneration, it also helps keep the colours of old and new tattoos alive, preventing them from rusting.

Some helpful information


If you are sending an initial enquiry about a tattoo please be sure to include the following information;

  • Your Full Name and contact number
  • A detailed description of your tattoo idea and details
  • Placement of the tattoo, including a photo
  • Whether you’d like it in black & grey or colour, or a particular style
  • Approximate size (e.g. 8 inches high x 5 inches wide)
  • If it is a cover-up or reworking of an existing tattoo. Please include clear photos
  • Any reference images, artworks, or other tattoos you like to help us understand what you’re looking for. The artists will design tattoos based on references but will not copy the original work without approval from the original artist
  • Preferred artist or we will give you some options based on your answers provided

If pain is a concern please don’t get yourself all worked up, the worst part about getting a tattoo is over thinking and worrying about the tattoo.

Please DO NOT apply or use any numbing agents purchased from the chemist.


Please do not feel the need to bring anyone with you, we will look after you and make you feel at ease, we do not allow any additional persons to be in the tattoo area for insurance and safety reasons. We do not have space for friends or family to stay during the duration of your tattoo.
We are an over-18 venue, children are not permitted in the studio, unfortunately even for consultations. This also includes pushchairs with sleeping babies.
Please make sure before you arrive you have had a good night’s sleep, eat a good meal, drink plenty of water and wearing appropriate and comfortable clothing.
It is important that you do not drink alcohol the day before or on the day of your appointment. We will provide you with refreshments throughout the day.

We look forward to welcoming you to our Cheltenham studio.


If you’re chasing a design, we do not do draw ups or designs before the appointment, unless otherwise agreed with the artist at the time of your consultation, then please message them directly, your artist would have provided contact details. All designs will be ready upon your arrival and any changes needed can be made on the day, if this is the case this isn’t an issue and usually won’t take too long.
Please note, the more reference we are provided with prior to your appointment, the easier our artists can put together a custom design for you.


We take a secure payment to book all appointments at our studio, this is a non-refundable payment*
We accept Klarna, Credit or Debit cards, Apple Pay, Bank Transfer and Cash.

We do not accept Paypal.

This is a final & non-refundable payment.
*Even in the unlikely event we need to move or change your appointment to a different day or artist.

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