Terms & Conditions

All payments made for tattoo appointments are final, non-refundable and non-transferable

All prices are Booking fee / Non refundable and deducted from the total price of the tattoo.

Please bring photo ID with you, failure to produce ID will result in forfeiting your appointment and liable for the rest of the session cost.

To reschedule your appointment we require a minimum of 7 days notice

Failure to attend your appointment “No show” will forfeit your payment and liable for the rest of the session cost.

All food and drink is complementary during your appointment, please do not bring any large bags or food to the studio.

Do not bring anyone else with your to your appointment, we do not have the space to accommodate extra people in the studio.

We are a strictly over 18 venue, please do not bring babies/children of any age with you.

Tattooing is not an exact science, we charge by piece or day rate, not by hour. Sessions are ‘up to’ the time allocated. Time/Sessions are not carried over.

If an artist is not available to do your booking we will move it another suitable artist for you on the same or another suitable day, the booking will not be refunded, but rescheduled.

We reserve the right to change, alter or refuse your booking.